"We have found the OCMAP software to be optimal for our analyses of occupational follow-up studies. We also routinely use OCMAP in preparing data for multivariable analysis using SAS. The enhancements added over the past 10 years have greatly facilitated our research."
Elizabeth Delzell, D.Sc.
Department of Epidemiology and International Health
School of Public Health
University of Alabama at Birmingham

"OCMAP with its interface to MPDS continues to be the most useful computational package for calculating standardized mortality ratios based on local, regional and national comparisons for virtually any cause of death. With its new Windows interface, OCMAP is also the most user-friendly of packages."
James J. Collins, Ph.D.
Head, Epidemiology Department
Dow Chemical Company
Midland, MI

"OCMAP is reliable, sophisticated, up-to-date and relatively easy to use. I have not only been using it myself in all my cohort studies for the past 25 years, but also been recommending it to my colleagues and students in the US, Europe and China."
Otto Wong, Sc.D.
Chief Epidemiologist, Applied Health Sciences, California
Adjunct Professor of Epidemiology, Tulane University, New Orleans
Adjunct Professor of Community Medicine, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Associate Editor, Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Associate Editor, Annals of Epidemiology

"OCMAP is an accurate and reliable program with many useful features. Some of the features I particularly like arethe module for checking cohort data errors, the well-documented output, the advanced functions for exposure-response analyses, the ability to work with time-dependent covariates and the flexibility in choosing age and calendar time strata for person-year calculations, which can be modeled to match available standard population rates."
Per Gustavsson, MD,
Associate Professor
Division of Occupational Medicine,
Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

"I have been an OCMAP user for 10 years. Data setup and analysis are more user-friendly and processing time is quicker with the latest release of OCMAP. These aspects plus top notch technical support make OCMAP-Plus for Windows the best software choice for occupational cohort analysis."
Jon P. Fryzek, Ph.D.
International Epidemiology Institute
Rockville, MD